THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. — Shortly after the Los Angeles Rams wrapped up their second day of minicamp on Wednesday, offensive coordinator Liam Coen made a move toward the team’s practice facility.

He was asked how quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Cooper Kupp are working together this offseason, since Stafford is yet to pitch as he recovers from an elbow injury.

“They’re there before meetings to watch a movie together, after practice watching a movie together, and I think that chemistry, obviously, goes a long way,” Coen said.

“And you can see it, the way they communicate on the field. Cooper has always been able to do that. He’s had it. He can see the game through the lens of a quarterback and now, Matthew gives it through his lens and his experience and how he sees it, it’s really just taken off and it’s really cool to watch.

The connection was later revealed when Kupp signed – while wearing a Stafford shirt! — a three-year, $80 million contract extension, tying him to the Rams through the 2026 season. He was the last to sign a new contract, joining Stafford in March and defensive tackle Aaron Donald on Monday. By extending Kupp, the Rams are tying his future to Stafford’s, giving them a chance to build on their Super Bowl season for years to come.

En route to last season’s championship, Kupp finished the regular season with 145 catches for 1,947 yards and 16 touchdowns. He led the league in all three categories – the recipient Triple Crown – becoming the fourth player since the 1970 merger to accomplish the feat. Kupp also caught two touchdowns in Super Bowl LVI and was named MVP.

Hours before Kupp signed his contract extension, Stafford was asked how he and Kupp could possibly improve on what they achieved a year ago.

“It’s been an amazing year,” Stafford said. “You can’t sit there and say, ‘Well, the only thing to do now is go for 2,500 yards and I’ll throw for 7,000.’ That’s unrealistic. You go out there and try to find ways to improve yourself that probably won’t be noticed by either of you. It’s like, ‘Cooper, where can we find a way to be better than maybe just the two of us, or the guys in our group, do you know that we are improving?

“His ownership and understanding of what we’re trying to do on each game is second to none and I just want to continue to collaborate with him, with Coach [Sean McVay]with everyone.”

While Stafford was quick to point out that the season would have been “different” if the Rams “hadn’t won the Lombardi Trophy”, it’s clear the pair are crucial to the front office’s vision for the foreseeable future. . The Rams continued to go all-in to try to be the first team since the New England Patriots of 2003 and 2004 to repeat as Super Bowl champions.

In addition to reworking Donald’s contract and extending Stafford and Kupp, the Rams also signed wide receiver Allen Robinson and linebacker Bobby Wagner in free agency. It wasn’t cheap either. The Rams have given Stafford a guaranteed $130 million, which is the fifth-highest among quarterbacks. They gave Donald $31.7 million a year, which is the most among non-quarterbacks. And Kupp got $75 million guaranteed, which is the most among wide receivers.

On Tuesday, Kupp reiterated that he wasn’t looking to reset the wide receiver market, but to get a contract “that’s great for the team.” [and] something great for me and my family too.”

Just a day later, the Rams did just that, further securing the core they hope to find by hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in Arizona in February.