However, there are exceptions.

When there’s a big game or when UND coach Brad Berry feels he needs the team’s attention, he’ll have the team’s black jerseys hanging in the stalls.

Black jerseys built a reputation around college hockey and the Fighting Hawks were hard to beat wearing them. Over the past three seasons, they are 11-2-1 under the black jerseys.

UND has never had a secondary home white jersey option – until now.

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UND unveiled alternative home jerseys on Wednesday morning, and the Fighting Hawks are hoping to use them at home like they use their black jerseys on the road.

“When you look at our black jerseys, there is an identity with them,” Berry said. “We call them the business suits. There’s an identity there. And now having a home jersey with a second option, I think it’s kind of like our white business suits. that.”

It’s unclear exactly when UND will first use them, but it’s unlikely to be this weekend when the Fighting Hawks host Minnesota Duluth in a two-game series.

It’s a call that will be made by Berry, potentially on the morning of the game.

The jersey was designed by Eric Bodamer of Adidas with much feedback and contributions from UND Equipment Manager Dan Johansson.

It has some similarities to the jersey UND wore in 1959, when he won his first NCAA National Championship. This one said “Sioux” diagonally across the front. This one says: ‘Nodak.’ Other sports teams wore jerseys that said “Nodaks”.

The new home alternative jerseys feature the Fighting Hawk logo on the shoulders and the National Collegiate Hockey Conference logo on the back above the nameplate.

“It’s a different look and I think it’s part of our tradition and our history to have something new in our band,” Berry said. “I love them.”

The jersey was a hit among the players.

“I think they’re pretty nice,” said forward Riese Gaber. “We were pretty excited when we saw them. It was hard to keep it a secret here. I think it’s clean and looks pretty good. They did an amazing job on it.”

Tyler Kleven wore one to the UND press conference on Wednesday.

“I love it,” he said. “They look sweet. They are really nice.”

The jersey flies off the shelves

The Ralph Engelstad Arena Sioux store began selling the jerseys around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday after the reveal.

Store manager Jason Carlson said he heard from people who took advantage of their lunch break at work to come and collect the jersey.

“At the rate they’re going, I think they’ll be gone by the end of the month,” Carlson said. “UND isn’t usually a team that gets a new jersey every year, so that stuff is exciting for our fans. He’ll be one of our best sellers. I just wish we had more.”

Carlson said he initially started with around 425 in stock.

“I called Adidas and asked for more, but we won’t be able to get more until potentially next September,” he said. “It may be a while.”