The Kansas City Royals announced Wednesday that they will unveil a new uniform on Friday, November 19. Of course, it’s exciting for fans and gamers.

The Royals Twitter released a mysterious teaser featuring a silhouette of Whit merrifield indicating that a new uniform would be revealed. Fans immediately responded enthusiastically. The combination of colors started to run through the minds of many people. Will we see the return of the black jersey top? Will we see the sleeveless uniforms? Are the new jerseys worn at home or on the road?

Some fans took to the tech and lightened the image to see if they could get a glimpse. The boys in blue got ready and posted “nice try” in the center of Merrifield’s chest.

Royals Add Alternate Black Jersey Tops

According to, on Sunday, April 10, 1994, Kansas City introduced an alternative royal blue top for the home. In 1995, the team will introduce a gray baseball cap worn for road games. That same year, they unveiled an alternate black uniform (pictured below). Many fans appreciated the look of these uniforms even though the team played inferior baseball.

Carlos Beltran No.15 and Mike Sweeney No.29 of the Kansas City Royals after Sweeney hit a two-run home (Photo by Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

Royals home and away jerseys are losing their sleeves?

In 2002, the gray away jersey would lose its sleeves and the players wore a black undershirt. In 2003, the white home shirt would lose its sleeves and players wore a blue undershirt. As of that moment, the jerseys have not received an overhaul.

Royals commemorate 2015 World Series victory

In 2016, the Royals commemorated their World Series victory by adding gold flakes to the front of white home jerseys. The same gold color replaced the white KC logo on the baseball cap (pictured below).

What do you think of the New Jersey Royals?

I’m assuming the new uniform will be a full powder blue uniform. I predict they will be worn on the road, like the powder blue uniforms of 1973. My theory behind this lies in the mysterious image posted by the Kansas City Royals Twitter account. For me, the base of the shirt sleeve is blue, white, blue. When you look at the powder blue uniforms from 1973, you will see a similar sleeve (pictured below).

If that’s true, I hope they bring back the high stirrup pants. A perfect example of an old-school look, and baseball players love to honor the past. We will have to be patient and wait until Friday, November 19.