It’s different here.

That’s been the Chicago Cubs’ 2022 season tagline and while the North Siders aren’t in contention for October baseball, you never know what magic will happen at Wrigley Field.

During a break in the inning of Saturday’s game at Wrigley Field, fans Andrea and Crystal Gonzalez caught the eye of Cubs receiver Willson Contreras. Adorned with photos, they held a personalized poster that read: “Our grandfather is also a Contreras. He was your biggest fan.

“We were a bit disappointed because we thought we weren’t going to see him because he was on the injured list. We didn’t see him during training,” said Andrea Gonzalez. “Then the people who were sitting in front of us said they saw him in the dugout, so I got all excited. I wanted to get his attention. [I] I went there, I saw him in the canoe, he turned around, he saw the sign and he said to himself: “I will sign it later”.

Contreras shouted that he would meet them after the game to sign the poster. After the game ended, he kept his word. Andrea and Crystal were taken away when Contreras whistled to get their attention.

“We were so excited,” they said.

A security guard removed the net next to the Cubs dugout where emotional fans embraced the All-Star receiver.

While Contreras signed a few baseballs, the ladies explained the fandom of their grandfather, Sebastian Contreras, who passed away in February. They also pointed to photos on the poster of wearers wearing No. 40 Cubs jerseys with “Contreras” scrawled on the back.

The Cubs wide receiver graciously signed the poster and posed with fans for a photo.

“He’s been a Cubs fan all his life,” Andrea said of his grandfather. “He never missed a game. If he couldn’t watch it, he would listen to the game on the radio.

Find out more about what the moment with Contreras meant for the family in the video above.