(Photo by Jeenah Moon/Getty Images)

A number of NBA teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers and Utah Jazz, are using this offseason to cool off.

This doesn’t just mean there are a lot of trades and signings going on, it also means teams are trying to change the way they look.

Indeed, the jerseys of several teams are being redesigned before the denunciation in October.

But the changes aren’t to everyone’s liking.

Twitter user Rcito points out that the new Cavs and Jazz jerseys are pretty bland.

Although there are variations for each, they seem very simple and sterile.

The Jazz jersey is particularly guilty of this, with a simple “UTAH” written in one of the most boring fonts around.

All in all, the shirts don’t really matter, but how many players and fans will want to wear them?

Snore-worthy costumes

Creating an NBA jersey is a fine art and it’s hard to truly deliver something amazing.

Sometimes teams get too wild and creative and outfits look confusing and ugly.

Other times the jerseys are too safe and simple like the ones you see for the Cavaliers and Jazz.

Of course, what really matters is how well the teams perform wearing these clothes and both teams could have some very interesting seasons in their new outfits.

The Cavaliers have been on a roll lately and are looking to improve on their surprisingly successful final season.

As for the Jazz, they have just lost Rudy Gobert and could also trade Donovan Mitchell.

That means Utah could look remarkably different, both in terms of who’s on the court and what they’re wearing.