The Cleveland Cavaliers debuted some curious new jerseys, but they should have followed the current NBA trend instead.

I don’t hate the new Cleveland Cavalier jerseys but I don’t like them. The three uniforms are all meant to embrace different eras of the franchise, which is why the white ones with the old Cavs logo from the 90s are my favorite. They tried to modernize the classics and it was a nice attempt, but they should have followed other trends.

The Detroit Pistons and Utah Jazz are just two of the teams that have decided to bring back their iconic jerseys from the mid/late 90s era as part of their current look. The Pistons’ Stallion jersey and Jazz’s Mountain Range jerseys are some of the best the league has ever seen.

You see, the team peaked just before the mid-90s jerseys and after LeBron James’ debut. Pre-90s jerseys are great but simple and post-03 jerseys are fine but a sign of the times. The mid-to-late 90s and pre-James era jerseys are some of the best the Cavs have ever had.

These are the ones who should have come back.

The current jerseys are fine but the classics deserved to be appreciated in good teams

The Cavs blue, black, white and orange jerseys were awesome. The big thing about them is that they represent the dark ages of the franchise. Where the best players were Shawn Kemp haggard and fueled by demons and the most underrated point guard of his entire career; Andrew Miller.

Bringing these jerseys back for a few years with this current generation of guys would be a fitting way to break the stigma that follows these jerseys and free fans of the memories of that nearly eight-year period the Cavs just lost.

I admit there’s nothing but sentimentality here, as that era of Cavs uniforms was when I really got into the NBA and the Cavs, but that shouldn’t disqualify their looks. They are crisp, clean and elegant in a timeless way.

It’s the three-piece suit of Cavs jerseys and despite failing at the time, those uniforms have been. That’s why we have to bring them back. The earliest would be best.