The Phoenix Suns defeated the Dallas Mavericks 121-114 in Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs in Round 2.

The Suns never trailed, jumping to a 9-0 lead in the opening minutes and rarely letting off the gas. They shot 50.5% from the field, won the rebound 51-36, and beat the Mavericks for the 10th straight time, counting regular season games.

Game 2 is Wednesday in Phoenix.

Fans gather in downtown Phoenix before the game

Fans are definitely gearing up for suns game against tonight’s game against the Dallas Mavericks on May 2, and while many of them don’t have to go far to cheer on their favorite team, some fans traveled from all over the country, just to be in Phoenix.

“I’m a Chris Paul fan, so I follow wherever he goes,” said Michael Becker, who lives in New Jersey.

Throughout the day, fans picked up new Phoenix Suns jerseys and memorabilia.

For many of these fans, it’s more than just a shopping spree.

“To be able to represent the team and what it stands for, I’m so excited and proud, and I’m happy to represent,” said Caleb Porter.

Carry, which is a life Phoenix Fan of the suns, lives Utahbut he made sure to plan his trip to see his family during this crucial time for the team.

“I was trying to plan it around the playoffs, and we were worried with this Pelican series,” Porter said.

Other shoppers planning their trip from afar include Quinne Ubank, who has been coming to Phoenix since Kentucky.

“Me and my dad always wanted to go to an NBA game together, so we bought tickets and got to skip school and see my favorite player, Devin Booker,” Ubank said.

Among the most visible suns fans is none other than Mr. Orange himself. We caught up with him as he was getting ready for the game.

“Superfans are a real thing,” Mr. Orange said. “We exist. We are passionate.”

Mr. Orange predicts a great victory.

“I expect us to make double digits,” Mr Orange said.

Among the Suns fans are also fans of the opposing team, as they make their presence known in downtown Phoenix while donning their jerseys.

“We wanted to go to the team store, but we’re probably going to get fired,” said one Mavericks fan.

Elimination action for the benefit of businesses in the region

As the Suns continue into the playoffs, businesses in the Footprint Center area are cashing in, with restaurants like Chico Malo in Cityscape seeing a surge in sales, as fans come to watch the games at their bar or grab a bite to eat.

“What we get is a lot of people visiting downtown for the first time to go to the game, and not realizing that downtown is actually a great place to hang out and dine,” said a person from Chico Malo.

The Associated Press (AP) contributed to this report.