State Sen. Bob Smith (D-Piscataway) said today he was pleased with the results of Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Piscataway, in which three party-backed candidates easily won their council races and one fourth holds a narrow lead over her. – line challenger.

“Piscataway voters, as they always do, chose wisely,” said Smith, himself a former mayor and councilor for Piscataway.

The three board incumbents who stood for re-election this year – Frank Uhrin, Jim Bullard and Michele Lombardi – all won their races in a landslide. But in the open seat of Ward 3, Sharon Carmichael, who had the party line, only leads Staci Berger by 30 votes, 688 to 658. That’s almost certainly enough for Carmichael to win, although 75 votes won’t have not yet been counted.

The races drew attention in April, when Middlesex County Clerk Nancy Pinkin arbitrarily canceled county draw although there are two Democratic slates that could secure the top spot on the ballot (Piscataway’s challengers ran with two county commissioner candidates to compete for the preferential spot).

Berger and her running mates successfully challenged Pinkin’s decision in court, and when Pinkin finally held a raffle, she pulled the roster offline to Column A. But the challengers had to pay their legal fees with money that could otherwise have gone to the campaign, and a judge’s order asking for those fees to be reimbursed came too late to help.

Since party-endorsed candidates were relegated to Column B, Smith said the outcome of the draw may have impacted the final results.

“It probably helped [the challengers] a bit, at least in the Third Ward contest,” Smith said. “But at the end of the day, our constituents in Piscataway are very smart people. They listen to everything and they read everything, and I think they made very good decisions.