LeBron James and Savannah James didn’t spend all of their time together when the former moved to the Miami Heat.

LeBron James made perhaps one of the biggest free agent decisions in NBA history in the summer of 2010. Besides Shaquille O’Neal’s move from Orlando to Los Angeles, James left his home state, Ohio, to play in the bright lights. of Miami left the city of Cleveland in utter ruin.

It was as if the city was littered with the remains of burned LeBron James Cleveland Cavalier jerseys for the first few days after the ‘King’ left. Savannah James, LeBron’s wife, spoke about it:

“You have fans, you think they’re going to ride with you no matter what, and then they burn your jersey? It’s unfair. But they did. It’s over.”

Savannah and LeBron had been together for almost 8 years when they decided to move to South Beach. In 2010, they had already had Bronny James who was 5 years old and Bryce Maximus who was 3. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she talked about what it was like to first move to Miami.

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Savannah James and her mother on LeBron James.

In this interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Savannah James talks about everything from her lifestyle with her kids to her relationship with LeBron James. Mind you, this interview is from 12 years ago, but his answers still make sense over a decade later.

In one particular case, she recounts how LeBron making the decision to move from Cleveland to Miami led to their two sons being uprooted from a city they called home for years. With Bronny starting school that summer as well, Savannah decided to stay in Cleveland to ease her sons’ transition.

With the two estranged, the question of James’ loyalty was raised, to which Savannah’s mother responded, “Don’t you think he knows the difference between cruelty and love?” If LeBron was going to do something fishy, ​​he can do it around the corner. He doesn’t need to go to Miami.

As they say, moms know best because she did. Fast forward to the present day and LeBron and Savannah, at least in the public eye, are a prime example of the health of a hyped relationship.

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