Bryce Harper is about to step on the gas when he returns to the Phillies lineup.

Harper had three pins removed from her broken left thumb on Monday, 33 days after they were originally inserted. His doctors consider the fracture healed and Harper will step up his physical activities before beginning a striking progression.

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Last week, Harper again refused to provide a timeline for his comeback over concerns of over-promising and under-delivering. But with the pins removed, he cleared a major hurdle.

“With how I feel after taking out the pins, we’ll go as fast as we can and try to get back within reason,” Harper said. “I don’t want to give anyone false hope or anything like that. When I come back, I’ll be back and ready to go.

It’s moving day for several Phillies minor leaguers, including breakout pitcher prospect Ben Brown.

Brown, a 22-year-old right-hander, was promoted to double-A Reading after recording big batting numbers for top-A Jersey Shore. He fanned 105 of 297 batters (35.4%) and walked just 23 (7.7%) while posting a 3.08 ERA in 73 innings.

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Against the backdrop of Tuesday’s 6 p.m. trade deadline, Brown’s call may seem oddly timed. But the Phillies moved several other players after Sunday’s games, including right-hander Rodolfo Sanchez and outfielder Marcus Lee Sang to Jersey Shore and outfielder Carlos De La Cruz to Reading.

The Phillies have reported that top pitching prospects Andrew Painter, Mick Abel and Griff McGarry are banned from trade talks. Brown, who propelled Baseball America’s rankings to seventh in the Phillies farm system, should also attract interest from teams who like his 6-foot-6 frame and power slider.