The late 1960s and early 1970s may seem like the dark ages for college basketball – except at UCLA, of course – but Pete Maravich was truly the shining light on hardwood.

Maravich were exciting, creative, and thwarted defenses. He put LSU on the map and was a renowned NBA star. That’s why a personal treasure trove of “Gun” memorabilia should spark some interest at the Gray Flannel Auctions holiday auction, which ends on December 11th. The Letterman jacket Maravich wore during his three college seasons at LSU, plus his 1978 NBA All-Star Uniform will be two of 15 Maravich memorabilia for sale. The auction has already passed $ 55,000 for the Maravich jacket.

A third premium item for sale are the three NCAA First Team All-American plaques that were awarded to Maravich in 1968, 1969 and 1970.

In total, the auction includes more than 850 lots.

While Maravich was a hit in the 1970s, Michael Jordan was the go-to NBA star in the 1980s and 1990s. One of the top-selling items is one of the 321 PSA 10 Jordan Rookie Cards from. the Fleer set 1986-1987. A pair of sneakers Jordan wore in his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls – a pair of player-signed Air Jordan 1s – also draws attention in early auctions.

Jerseys belonging to a pair of Hall of Fame members before they rose to fame will also be coveted items at the auction. Tom Seaver’s only known varsity baseball jersey – a University of Southern California jersey and pants from 1965, when “Tom Terrific” was 10-2 for the Trojans.

The second jersey is a Cincinnati Reds vest given to Johnny Bench during spring training in 1966 and 1967. Bench was known for his No.5 uniform during his career with the Reds, but during training spring in 1966 and 1967, he wore the No. 5. 53.

A very intriguing memory is an ad signed on the back by New York Yankees great Joe DiMaggio and his then-girlfriend (and soon to be wife) actress Marilyn Monroe. The shipper, who was 11 at the time, said he saw the couple at the Beverly Hills hotel in the summer of 1952 and approached DiMaggio in the hotel restaurant for an autograph. The Yankee Clipper signed it and then asked, “And would you like Miss Monroe’s?”

The fan accepted both signings, but at that time Monroe was only known for her roles in 1949 “Love Happy”, which was notable as the last film starring the Marx Brothers; and the 1950s “All About Eve”. DiMaggio and Monroe married in January 1954, but divorced in October 1955.

Another shipper received a bat from Willie Mays during batting practice before a 1957 game and the kid “Say Hey” told him to keep it.

Al Schacht was known as the “Crown Prince of Baseball,” but in 1924 he coached the Washington Senators. That year, the Senators won their only World Series title, and all players and coaches received a championship medallion. Schacht’s medallion will be a premium auction lot. It is remarkable that these medallions predate the World Series rings.

A final premium bundle of note is an official 1935 National League baseball signed by Babe Ruth. The Bambino, who played for the Boston Braves in his final season in the major leagues, signed baseball on the sweet spot in blue ink.

The auction continues until December 11.

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