NBA 2K23 daily prizes not working for you? If your daily rewards aren’t showing up in inventory or aren’t available in the store, be aware that this is a fairly common issue. Unfortunately, NBA 2K23 launched in a less than stellar state, with its fair share of issues. Not being able to claim your daily prize can be a frustrating experience. In our guide, we explain the missing daily prizes issue and why you can’t claim your daily reward.

NBA 2k23 daily prizes missing

How to fix NBA 2K23 daily prize not working or missing?

We won’t beat around the bush here, and we’ll be upfront with you from the start. At the time of writing, to the best of our knowledge, daily prizes are bugged and cannot be claimed. Since launch, players are reporting receiving various items, such as classic Hardwood jerseys, Jordan items, NBA store items, and more. However, after checking the inventory, they cannot find their daily rewards. The same goes for the daily prizes which must be claimed through the in-game store. When we check the store, the items we have won cannot be found. Thus, we cannot claim them.

So can this be fixed? Unfortunately, Unlike many current bugs for which the 2K community has managed to find workarounds, the “NBA 2k23 Daily Prize not Working” bug appears to be unfixable at this time.. From what we’ve read on the various community channels (Reddit, Discord, 2K Forums), players have tried everything to find their missing NBA 2k23 Daily Prize rewards. And nothing works. A player reports that it only works for boost or Gatorade, but we can’t confirm that. As it stands, this is one of those bugs that we just have to wait for the devs to fix. And we hope they fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, if we find a working solution, we’ll be sure to update our guide immediately.