Panini’s latest Prizm Football set just dropped a few weeks ago and the hobby is seeing success after success on social media. After a rare Mac Jones rookie card was pulled by a 13-year-old and flipped for $100,000, a better New England Patriots star card has been found. This time, however, it’s an automatic One of One Flawless NFL Shield rookie, a card that should become big in the market.

In a video shared by Find Your Trove on Instagram, Mojobreaks recently opened a suitcase of Panini’s 2020-21 Flawless NFL and found one of the most sought-after hits in the hobby right now. The card in question is Mac Jones’ NFL Shield One of One Auto Rookie and its first appearance drove the circuit breaker mad, even before physically touching it.

The video would go on to project that this nasty Mac Jones rookie card can potentially cost $300,000 if it hits the market. As previously mentioned, the Mac Jones Prizm Black Finite One of One was sold for $100,000, a detail that may boost its rookie NFL Shield auto.

But as Find Your Trove carefully points out, this flawless success from Jones isn’t really as great as it sounds. Unlike Panini Flawless Basketball, which uses game-worn patches, those used in this football card product are not associated with any specific game or event. This means that the NFL Shield patches found in these cards were from uniforms that players haven’t even worn yet. The video would go on to explain that the NFL is playing fewer games than the NBA, which makes it difficult to get player-worn jerseys.

While hitting the Mac Jones banger from Panini’s latest Flawless set is awesome, the skyrocketing price of said product casts doubt on whether it’s a win or not. A single case of Flawless NFL costs nearly $10,000 on the market, a price well above National Treasures, another high-end Panini set that only costs around $4,000.

The big thing here is that the latter’s Rookie Patch Autos feature game-worn patches, making them more worth pursuing in the hobby. Ultimately, the market will decide whether the NFL Shield Mac Jones card will go nuclear or ultimately fail in the long run.