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Things always change in Major League Baseball, but over the past two years one thing has remained the same: Mookie Betts has the most popular jersey in the league. The Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder is once again at the top of the league’s best-selling jerseys list, the MLB revealed on Monday. You can buy his jersey here.

This season, the four most popular jerseys have been worn by players from all countries and territories, marking the first time that this has happened. Betts is from the United States, # 2 jersey seller Fernando Tatis Jr. represents the Dominican Republic, Ronald Acuña Jr. took third place and comes from Venezuela and finally Javier Báez is from Puerto Rico.

History has also been written with Tatis becoming the youngest player (22) to be in the top two for jersey sales. Since jersey sales started to be tracked, he has been the highest ranked Padres player of all time. See his swimsuits here.

Overall, the defending World Series champion Dodgers had the most players in the top 10 with four: Clayton Kershaw (No. 5), Cody Bellinger (No. 6) and Corey Seager (No. 8) all had places in the coveted top 10. after Betts.

Data is all based on Nike jersey sales since the opening day of the 2021 season. Below is a list of the top ten best selling jerseys and here is an overview of the full list:

  1. Mookie betts, Los Angeles Dodgers (buy Betts jerseys here)
  2. Fernando Tatis Jr., San Diego Padres (buy Tatis swimsuits here)
  3. Ronald Acuña Jr., the Atlanta Braves
  4. Javier Baez, New York Foods
  5. Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers
  6. Cody bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers
  7. Aaron Judge, New York Yankees
  8. Corey seager, Los Angeles Dodgers
  9. Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Angels
  10. Nolan Arenado, Cardinals of Saint-Louis

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