All-Star duds for an All-Star cast.

This year’s All-Star Game continues on a new wrinkle that MLB added in 2021: you will no longer see specific team uniforms on the field, but you will see all players in gray and white alternatives to the square.

While All-Star uniforms have typically been worn at the Home Run Derby in recent years, but in 2021, for the very first time, unique All-Star uniforms have been worn during the Midsummer Classic.

League players weren’t crazy about the idea in 2021, and rightly so: Being named to the All-Star Game is cool, but not being able to play in the comfort of the uniform of your own. team, that’s pretty cool. At least this year’s designs look better.

Nevertheless, the All-Star Game once again has its own wardrobe. Here’s why:

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2022 MLB All-Star Game Uniforms

Unlike last year’s bland and boring All-Star uniforms, this year’s uniforms at least have some good team representation. Here’s a look at this year’s outfit:

In addition to the gold on the front of the uniforms, the player’s name and number will also be in gold on the back of the uniforms.

This year’s uniforms are, thankfully, more representative, with the teams’ wordmark on the front, and not some weird over-design like the 2021 editions.

Nike said in a press release that the uniform design is “inspired by the fame and fortune of the City of Angels” and that “the club-specific chest graphic is taken from the gold sheen of discounts. of Hollywood awards.

Why MLB teams don’t wear their uniforms for the All-Star Game

The uniforms are designed by Nike as part of the company’s billion-dollar deal with MLB, so consider it a business decision for the league.

For years, All-Star weekend uniforms were worn strictly during the Home Run Derby and the All-Star Game warm-up, but not during the game itself.

It was a tradition that lasted more than 80 years: in 1933, the very first All-Star Game, the NL wore specially designed National League uniforms, but reverted to its own uniforms and caps in 1934. Since then, the players wore the uniforms of their respective teams during the Midsummer Classic.

That didn’t change until 2021, when players wore the most generic uniforms during the All-Star Game.