Matt Nagy got the ball and he can keep his job – at least until early 2022. If I were Nagy, my office would be full by the time the Bears wrap up the season on Jan. 9 in Minnesota, and I won’t. am not much of a planner.

As the Bears won at Thanksgiving, it boiled down to final training against a winless Lions team and incompetent Detroit coaching staff. Even the McCaskeys couldn’t have been so impressed.

For the 22nd time in Matt Nagy’s 61-game tenure for the Bears, the Bears have scored one or fewer touchdowns (they’ve improved to 8-14 in those situations), illustrating just how bad his offense has been. reckless in Chicago. You don’t need a Pulitzer Prize to figure out it’s bad.

If Nagy is canned after the season – and no, firing a coach during the season really doesn’t give you a head start, because if you have a good job to offer the coaches will be waiting for him – who will replace him?

Would the Bears return to the Andy Reid tree to shake up Eric Bieniemy? Would they question Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich?

Leftwich has been OC for four years (including his interim stint in Arizona in 2018) and he has the NFL quarterback experience to help guide Justin Fields. But would the Bears want another head coach to call the pieces after Nagy’s fiasco? I guess it wouldn’t hurt if the plays actually led to yards and touchdowns.