Beat you ! We’re so excited that the new Amazon Prime series is finally coming out, let’s team up!

Once upon a time there was a little girl who just wanted to play baseball with her brothers. According to my mother, I was always ready to go, even if it meant sliding into home plate after my older brother’s baseball game in a yellow and white striped dress.

That’s when she started training to remove my spots, spoiler alert, she still does it for me.

When I was five, I started playing softball and saw the movie that would end up circling for me, “A League of Their Own.”

Who knew I would end up spending at least a decade of my life living and working in Rockford?

So of course I love the Rockford Peaches movie and material every chance I get, which makes me SUPER PUMPED for the new show coming to Amazon Prime.

The disappointing part is that the show has been pushed back for years due to the pandemic, however, things seem to be headed in the right direction based on the show’s latest Instagram account.

You can follow @LeagueonPrime and follow the new characters that will be part of the series.

The world is freaking out a bit at Nick Offerman’s role as the coach, who was once portrayed (wonderfully, I might add) by Tom Hanks back in 1992.

The first post was only two weeks ago, so it really looks like this show is coming sooner rather than later, hopefully!

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