Chris, was it scary or stressful to reprise such a beloved role? What were the highlights and challenges to face He-Man? Where do you hope his character will go in the future?

Chris Wood: Yeah, that’s a good question. Obviously, whenever you tackle something that’s so ingrained in our collective consciousness as fans and has such a passionate fan base, of course there’s a little bit of nerves, like, “Oh , my God, I hope I don’t disappoint people. “

But I think once you get started, at least for me, I’m able to separate myself from the waiting part and just focus on the fun of it all. With these characters, you are literally playing with toys and playing these characters that we all know so well. I think getting to disappear into that frees you a bit from worrying about the outcome, and I think no one does their best … I don’t think an athlete or a painter is like “When I think to the product I try to do in the end, I will do my best. ” So it’s good to try to forget that.

Honestly, it comes up the most when we’re about to launch it, when it first came out, and then now, as part 2 comes out, because you just want to make people happy. We really enjoyed the process, and I love the show so much that I think, if anything, it’s just nerves – just getting it out to the world, because you just want people to take the lead. joy you put there. But you can’t help it. So it is unraveling too. But yes, to say “I have the power” the first time, I think, was not an easy task.

Kevin Smith: To borrow from another franchise, “With great power comes something.”

Chris Wood: [Jokingly] Something. Someone said something after that. I don’t remember what it was.

[Jokingly] I think he had canvases sticking out of his hands? [Laughs]

Kevin Smith: Yes.

Chris Wood: [Jokingly] It had to be Sting.

Kevin Smith: [Laughs] Yes. Kids know Sting, don’t they? I’m not offline, am I?

Chris Wood: Tantric He-Man. Yes.

Kevin Smith: Tantric He-Man.