JERSEY SHORE — In reference to a discussion at their last meeting, the Jersey Shore Area School Board reviewed a policy that would establish the amount of the purchase price that would trigger the need for board approval.

The policy, which was discussed but not voted on, stated that any purchase price of $10,000 or more that is not governed by the bidding process, if increased by 50% from compared to the amount budgeted, would require board approval.

Ben Enders, district business manager, said he and superintendent Dr. Brian Ulmer came up with these numbers after the previous discussion. He encouraged the board to decide what amounts they would be comfortable with.

A second part of the policy deals with emergency purchases that must be made; a purchase order may be authorized.

“It seems like a good starting point” said Mary Thomas, Chair of the Board of Directors, “And until you actually work with it and see what that means over the next year, you won’t be able to totally define and see if that’s where we want it.”

Thomas added that because this is a policy, it can be changed.

Under staff items, the board approved the following appointments and rates of pay, as applicable: Ruth Toner, full-time college special education paraprofessional, $19,200 per year; Jade Ulmer, full-time special education paraprofessional at Jersey Shore Elementary School, $19,200; Heather Carlin, home school teacher, $30 per hour; Stephanie Jordan, chef at Jersey Shore Elementary School, $19.25 an hour; Joanna Lovell, part-time food service position, $12 per hour; and Amber Bremigen, part-time food service replacement, $11.50 per hour.

The board accepted the following resignations: Jeffery S. Miller, professor of commerce; Joseph Herman, head coach of the junior women’s basketball team; and Austin Barnes, computer network technician.

Department of Athletics and Athletics staff approved with applicable allowances are: Darrin Bischof and Amy Bischof, playing staff; Justin Ulsamer, volunteer softball coach; Joseph Miller, assistant college softball coach, $1,912; Benjamin Morgret, junior boys’ basketball assistant coach, $2,691; and Steven Cummings, assistant golf coach, $1,968.

Job descriptions for the Directors of Student Services and Buildings and Grounds and the Director of Athletics were approved.

In other matters, the board has agreed to allow the Commercial Manager/Purchasing Office JSASD to participate in the Keystone Purchasing Network/Susquehanna Central Intermediate Unit Comparative Tender Process for Art Supplies ; general supplies; computer supplies; copy paper; custodial/maintenance supplies; cafeteria paper/small merchandise; and ball/athletic supplies for the upcoming school year.

They also approved the authorization of the commercial manager and the purchasing office to solicit offers for the sports trainer and general sports supplies.

The next council meeting will be at 7 p.m. on September 26 in the District Council Chambers, 175 A&P Drive.

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