Boston has a freshman coach, Ime Udoka. From what I’ve heard, players and fans love it. What is he doing differently that has helped them get to this point?

His poise is insane. For him to be a rookie, you would never know. The way he delivers, that just translates to young guys. He also played ball, he has those experiences and knows what those emotions are on the pitch in real time. He bought them all. Have you seen us from last season to this season? We are two totally different teams because we decided to be a defensive team. Shout out to Ime.

Does Marcus Smart embody this state of mind?

I love him, man – to watch him play hoop, the way he moves, the type of player he is. He got maximum overtime and then he became Defensive Player of the Year. People talked a lot about his deal, but he delivered on his promises and does what he does. He’s hustling for this town, for real, for real.

Boston has two star forwards who are often compared — and trade rumored. If you had to choose, are you more Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum?

We don’t do that, mate. No. These are my two guys. I like both of them. Feel me? I scream the same when they score and I’m the same type of crazy when they make a turnover.

I understand. But to be honest, as a Golden State fan, Klay Thompson is my favorite Splash Brother. Not just on the pitch, but the way he lives his life.

Yeah, Klay is a funny guy, man. I love Clay. Didn’t he just go post something about swimming in the water near Golden Gate? You can’t hate this [laughs].

Yeah, he said it brought him closer to God. Who is this Celtics equivalent for you as a fan?

For me, my guy right now is Grant Williams.

He is vice president of the National Basketball Players Association.

Brother, his mother is in NASA and his father [was a jazz musician]. His IQ is crazy. Plus, being under Al Horford helps. All this should make for a healthy mind.

Have you ever been in contact with him or with other Celtics players?

I’ve met them a few times while walking around TD after games. Marcus – I’ve played with him before. He is a great gentleman.

Who’s your all-time favorite Celtic? There are so many choices.

Peezy [Paul Pierce]. He was the guy for me. Paul Pierce was our man. This is the second Celtics jersey I’ve ever had. When he and [Antoine] Walker made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, I thought we had it. I cried when we lost that game, for real.

What do you think of Draymond Green and the way he played against the Celtics in this final? Do you see him as a controversial player?

I never had a problem with him until we started playing against him. Swear to God. Now I notice all the antics. But I’m sure if I asked a Warriors fan about Marcus Smart, they would feel the same way. They are the same, discreet. It’s their job. That’s how I write it. I can’t get mad at that. Whether [Draymond] annoys us, it just does its job. And he’s great at it.