“I just thought of, ‘Hey, we’re pretty close. You can still do a poster, but we’re actually pretty close to where you can see a poster from where we’ll be sitting, ”said Aaron Hogan. “I asked him what he thought about it and if he would be interested in doing it and he said, ‘Yeah, let’s do a poster.'”

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The Astros won 15-1, but there was no jersey exchange that night at Arlington. Bregman threw a ball at Graham after an inning, however, and Graham said making the poster was worth it.

When Aaron pulled up to a gas station south of Fort Worth on his way home, he tweeted thanking Bregman for throwing a bullet at Graham. He had posted an article on the jersey swap earlier today and updated this post that there was no swap after all, but it was a good birthday trip for Graham. .

Things turned sour on the way home.

“I just put my phone down in my truck and got on I-35 to get home and after about four or five minutes my phone rings, then it rings again, then rings, rings, rings, and I say there’s something going on, so I pick it up and Graham is already falling asleep at this point, but I realize, ‘Woah, Alex Bregman just answered us,’ ”said Aaron Hogan. “Not only did he answer us, but he said, ‘Hey, I have a jersey for you. Let’s talk from time to time.