Good-bye, Cleveland Indians. Hello, Cleveland Guardians.

And hello, cash.

Fans can finally buy merchandise and clothing for the rebranded baseball team, but the process of getting products to the shelves of physical and virtual retail stores encountered legal and logistical upheaval in the end of the year. annual budget cycle.

Federal Trademark Infringement and Deceptive Marketing Practices Lawsuit by Suburban Cleveland Roller Derby Club Regarding Major League Baseball Club’s Use of the Name “Guardians” to Replace “Indians” Has Been Settled privately Tuesday, releasing the baseball team and the MLB to begin selling the renowned team’s new clothing and merchandise.

And after going through the global supply chain issues resulting primarily from the pandemic, the Progressive Field team’s retail store opened Friday morning as the exclusive brick and mortar seller of Guardians retail items. , with online sales starting simultaneously on the MLB e-commerce site with select league-approved retailers such as Fanatics, Nike and New Era.

Online and brick-and-mortar stores elsewhere will start selling Guardians items next week, just in time for the start of the traditional holiday shopping season, which is often critical to business bottom lines.

While fans and pundits alike may debate the politics and choice of the name change ad nauseam, from a business perspective, it was important to resolve the legal deadlock before the timeline sank much deeper into. the heart of the fourth trimester.