CLEVELAND – Friday begins the next chapter in the Major League Baseball franchise that has made Cleveland home for more than a century.

The organization announced on Wednesday afternoon that it will officially transition from the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Guardians on Friday morning, including changing its name on all social media platforms and posting new Guardians merchandise.

The Guardians Team Store at Progressive Field will be closed Thursday to prepare for the change, then reopen Friday from 9 a.m. ET to 7 p.m., with new Guardians gear and memorabilia. This location will be the only local store selling Guardians merchandise until the product is available at other retailers in Northeast Ohio starting November 23, although fans can also purchase the new gear at, from Friday morning at 9 a.m.

The change often brings a new sense of optimism, especially for a club looking to turn the page on a low season in 2021, and the organization will be celebrating their new way forward at the Friday event with donuts. free, coffee, raffle prizes and a gift to the first 50 buyers at the store that morning.

Guardians will sport the same blue and red color scheme as before. The organization wanted the script to be similar to what it has been for the past 75 years, but decided to make slight changes to mimic the structural architecture of the Hope Memorial Bridge which features the statues of the “Guardians.” of traffic ”, mimicking the trusses of the underside of the bridge. On the road, the team will continue to wear “Cleveland” on their chest, while “Guardians” will be printed on the home jerseys.

The team will soon be focusing on the latest changes to the stadium (including replacing the old “Indians” sign above the left field scorecard with a “Guardians” sign) and the start of renovation plans. $ 435 million to make Progressive Field a better environment for fans.