SPARTANBURG, SC — No bags of Cool Ranch Doritos or Oreos were offered Saturday as Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey made his way along the stadium wall draped by screaming fans at Gibbs Stadium in Woford.

There were only footballs, jerseys, signs and mini football helmets, typical items brought to training camp in hopes of having them signed.

That was not the case earlier in the week when McCaffrey met 13-year-old Mason Sims in an adjacent field, the teenager’s arms stretched over the fence with a homemade sign and Cool Ranch Doritos.

Mason had done his homework by reading a story in which McCaffrey said how much he enjoyed those chips and cookies as his favorite snacks. So he came camping with the Doritos and a sign offering a deal, thinking there was no way McCaffrey wouldn’t trade his gloves for them.

Mason wanted the gloves to add to his collection of Carolina memorabilia that he started with his father, Greg, who died of COVID-19 in January. He got more than he bargained for as McCaffrey surprised him 24 hours after their first visit with a pair of autographed cleats.

“It’s funny how the world works,” McCaffrey said Saturday after signing “CMC” for more than 75 articles. “I can’t reach everyone here, obviously. You want to sign everything, but you don’t have time.

“One of the kids I ended up signing for, it had a big impact on him, so it was a pretty special moment.”

The moment began Thursday when McCaffrey first met Mason with his proposed Doritos trade for gloves. Only McCaffrey didn’t have his gloves, so he offered Mason to come back the next day with a bag of Oreos to finalize the deal.

That’s when he got McCaffrey’s autograph and cleats.

McCaffrey has been Mason’s favorite player since he was selected with the eighth pick in the 2017 draft. McCaffrey gave him a high-five during his first visit to training camp with his dad.

Mason was with his father at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2019 when McCaffrey became the third player in NFL history to rush for 1,000 yards and receive in the same season.

McCaffrey has remained Mason’s favorite player for the past two seasons, even though the NFL’s highest-paid player — at $16 million a year — has missed 23 of 33 games due to injury.

Mason wears McCaffrey’s number 22 for his college football team.

“It was amazing for him to take the time to come and talk to him, and he’ll never know how much it means not only to Mason, but also to me,” said his mother, Amanda Sims. the team’s website, which wrote the initial story of the deal.

“It was just great for my son.”

It was also great for McCaffrey.

“Sometimes you don’t know the impact you can have,” McCaffrey said. “He’s been through a lot the last few years. Just to have a little moment of a few Oreos and Doritos together to make his day…it’s funny how the world works.”