No one saw it coming. Not the Cavaliers. Not the rest of the NBA. Not the fans.

Part of what makes this basketball season so fun.

“We are winning, and it certainly helps,” Cavs general manager Len Komoroski said. “But it’s also our way of playing. I always hear people say that the team is playing so hard. They have excellent ball movement. They show joy on the court. This is basketball the way it is meant to be played.

Komoroski works for the Cavs, so you’d expect him to say things like that. But that’s what I hear from the fans. They fell in love with this team, which started the weekend with a 19-13 record.

The Cavs average 17,804 fans per game, No. 11 in the NBA. They were at 17,816 in 2019-20, the last full season with fans. But in 2020-21, that number was set to drop as the reality of Life Without LeBron James began to set in. COVID-19 led to very limited fans in last season’s games.

“Our attendance grows as the fans get to see the team,” Komoroski said. “We are now playing at 92% of our capacity. Our tickets for one game have increased by 165% (compared to 2019-2020). “

Some signs of the times:

1. The Cavs marketed 202 tickets to the Warriors game at the last minute and they were sold out within 20 minutes.

2. Evan Mobley’s first jersey sold out in 20 minutes. Another lot has arrived, another sale.

3. Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love and Darius Garland jerseys have sold “multiple times,” according to the Cavs.

4. Cyberweekend merchandise sales are up 29% from 2019-2020 and the average sale is $ 72.55.

5. Overall, jersey sales increased by 125% compared to 2019-2020.

Cavs players celebrate one of Kevin Love’s scorching shots. David Petkiewicz, cleveland.com


The Cavs will probably never have another era like when James was here from 2014 to 2018. It was four seasons, four trips to the Finals and a title in 2016. It was a team led by James, although he had had Kyrie Irving for three years. Love has played all four seasons.

But so often it was like All-LeBron, All-The-Time. This is different.

On my Facebook page, Michael Schultz posted: “The old-fashioned team concept is winning. No work on the system to build a dream team. Players who really seem to love each other and who love basketball. No altruistic players. This is how I grew up with the game before LeBron ruined basketball.

LeBron didn’t “ruin basketball.” He delivered a title here. So let’s keep that in mind.

Sean Krause posted: “I never thought I would watch NBA games again. I didn’t like the brand of basketball they were playing. Bad 3 throw, no defense, missing free throws, no ball movement and iso offense. A friend told me to check out how this team played. I love watching them and the selfless way they play. Defense, great ball movement, open shots and bring the crowd into the game! “

The Cavs rank 3rd in the NBA in terms of defensive efficiency. This compares to the 24th in 2020-2021. They were 30th out of 30 teams in 2018-19 and 2019-20.


This was posted by Missy Dixon Sikora:

“I’m not much of a basketball fan. I watched the Cavs when they were in the playoffs, but never really paid attention to them. Don’t get me wrong, I love sports. But basketball never hooked me.

“A few months ago my husband said you should watch this team. … So one evening I watched and they lost, but the ensuing interview with Darius Garland caught my attention. Talk about the team and other players. Next thing I know I’m addicted !!!! I love this TEAM!

“I watch almost every game and went to a game last week. I was at a holiday party with some friends and all I could do was talk about this team. Even hung a few more to start looking at them. Visiting with my mom and we watched the Cavs game during our visit. I had NEVER done this before.

riders media day

One fan mentioned the smile that Jarrett Allen displays frequently.
David Petkiewicz, cleveland.com


According to the Cavs:

1. They ranked # 3 in all NBA markets in terms of TV audiences.

2. They are up 62% compared to 2020-2021.

3. In November, the average score was 3.0. This month it’s 4.0. A recent game with Houston was a 5.2. It’s not as high as it was during the playoff years, but it goes in that direction.

4. The Cavs have 22,203,491, or more than 22 million subscribers on social networks. Twitter (3.2 million), Facebook (8.1 million), Instagram (10.8 million).

riders media day

Darius Garland has become a fan favorite.

David Petkiewicz, cleveland.com


Matt Fuller wrote: “The best player on the team is Garland. It’s Kyrie Irving but ready to pass the ball. My favorite on this team is Jarrett Allen because he’s always smiling.

Tom Kish wrote: “I’ve been a Cavs fan since the very beginning in 1970.… Through it all, I haven’t felt that on a team since the Mark Price / Larry Nance / Brad Daugherty years. This team defines the meaning of teamwork. They feed off of each other and are genuinely happy with each other’s accomplishments. My favorite player is Darius Garland. This young man is what keeps the team moving forward.

Tim Channel wrote: “I love watching this team as much as my Miracle of Richfield team and my 1980s version of the teams coached by Lenny (Wilkens). Jarrett Allen is my favorite right now. He is selfless and does the dirty work that allows his teammates to flourish!

Karen Mansfield wrote: “We have always been fans of the Cavs! Yes, Joe Tait and Fred McLeod would have loved this team. My favorite player now is Allen, the best player is Garland and a pleasant surprise is Cedi Osman.

Melissa Gurchensky wrote: “It’s a tie between Evan Mobley and Kevin Love for my favorites. Mobley is so calm for a rookie and you can tell he’s there to help the team. I am so happy that Love is having a great year after a few difficult years. We don’t have a lot of sports figures who are loyal to Cleveland.


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