Why are players still being compared to LeBron James for their playoff slump when there have been the likes of James Harden and Russell Westbrook?

James’ 25 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists in the playoffs with the Cavaliers in 2007 and 23-8-6 with the Heat in 2011 would be better than most NBA players if you compare him without reading the name to the backs of their shirts. . But when he reads “LeBron James,” the bar automatically rises quite high.

The reviews aren’t far too far off. They are also his two worst personal playoff numbers in his 15-year postseason recovery.

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Whenever an NBA superstar underperforms in the Playoffs, a constant name everyone brings up is, you guessed it, King James. The 22- and 26-year-old’s failures in two years are as good a talking point as his formidable career afterwards.

Now, an all-time great who’s been compared to this young Cleveland sensation is a 33-year-old Kevin Durant, who struggles to lead his team to even a single win over the Boston Celtics in the Premier League playoffs. Eastern Conference Tower. .

Kevin Durant’s playoff meltdown isn’t like Cleveland’s LeBron James

The Brooklyn Nets are about to be swept away by the Boston Celtics. And the Slim Reaper, who averaged 29.9 points, 7.1 rebounds and 4.3 assists in the regular season, went just 22-5.3-5.3 in 3 games while returning the ball more than 6 times per game.

Everything about this dip in form oozes his former teammates James Harden or Russell Westbrook about it. But Mark Jackson still managed to pop the 4x Finals MVP while giving his brilliant voice in Game 3 which one of the biggest LeBron stans in the world, FS1 analyst Nick Wright, came forward in his defense. .

Usually Wright comes across as an extremist by backing the 18x All-Star, but this time he’s got it right. It’s so wrong to compare someone who was in the conversation to be the best player in the league just a few weeks ago to a 22-year-old guy who leads a starless team. Meanwhile, KD has played with at least one superstar throughout his career.

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