A person familiar with the deal said NBC will continue to broadcast the English Premier League with an offer of more than $ 2.7 billion over six years

NBC has achieved one of its main goals over the past year, retaining U.S. rights to broadcast the Premier League for another six years.

The Premier League announced the deal on Thursday. NBC will pay more than $ 2.7 billion to continue to broadcast the richest football competition in the world. A person familiar with the deal told The Associated Press that it nearly triples the value of English and Spanish broadcast rights in the United States.

The person who leaked the financial figure spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity as the terms were confidential.

NBC won the rights to Best English League in October 2012, for $ 250 million over three years. When the new deal goes into effect next season, it will cost an average of $ 450 million per season.

The previous six-year deal, which began in 2016, was worth $ 1.1 billion, an average of $ 183.3 million per season.

“Certainly the value and the price have gone up, it’s because the property is incredibly valuable in the United States,” NBC Sports President Pete Bevacqua said on a conference call. “We had a range that we were comfortable with. We know this will continue to be a success for our business.

Interest in the Premier League has grown significantly since NBC first secured the rights to Fox for the 2013-14 season. The games are averaging 609,000 viewers this season, its highest average so far since 2015-16 and up 14% from last year.

Premier League games averaged 220,000 during the 2012-13 season on Fox and ESPN, broadcast under a Fox license.

“You go down to midtown Manhattan and you see people walking around in MLB or NBA jerseys. Now it is not uncommon to see Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham jerseys at the same level, ”said NBC Sports chairman Jon Miller. “I can’t tell you how many people will tell me or write to me and tell me that they sit and watch the Saturday morning games with their children or with their grandchildren. It gave families a new way to connect.

NBC and the Premier League have also sponsored fan festivals across the country, including one in Los Angeles last month and one slated for Philadelphia later this season.

“I think the fact that we focus on the Premier League, that we treat it like we treat the NFL, like we treat Notre Dame Football, like we treat the Olympics to increase audiences, what we do with the fans. fests around the country, new ideas that we are going to launch on the new relationship with the Premier League, “said Bevacqua.” I think it was very important for them because they made the decision to continue with us. “

The new NBC deal covers the 2022-2023 season – which will be interrupted by the World Cup in November and December – and will run until 2027-2028. It will cover all 380 matches of each season.

The games will continue to air on NBC and Peacock as well as the USA Network, which will resume the NBCSN program when the channel closes at the end of the year.

“We are delighted to announce our new broadcast agreement in the United States with NBC Sports, who have been successful partners for the Premier League over the past nine seasons,” said Premier League general manager Richard Masters. , in a press release. “NBC Sports significantly bolstered the League’s popularity in the United States during this time with its fantastic coverage and promotion.

The Premier League has also been extended for six years in Australia with Optus Sports.


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