With the trade window in full force, NBA fans are taking to social media and demanding their favorite stars be traded. Recently, Rudy Gobert, who won several Defensive Player of the Year awards, was traded by the Utah Jazz to the Minnesota Timberwolves. NBA fans on Twitter also took the opportunity to ridicule Gobert’s departure.

In a recent tweet, jazz player Donovan Mitchell wore a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball jersey. He was preparing to give the honorary first pitch, as many athletes in other sports often do. New York fans jumped at the chance to demand a trade with the Knicks.

Since Kemba Walker’s poor pass, the Knicks have been looking for star depth at two guards. Jazz might just be interested in going into a rebuild and letting Donovan walk away for draft picks and assets.


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The tweet generated a lot of interest on social media. The “Knicks Videos” Twitter account posted the pitch video, and it received a few thousand likes and retweets. Fans were all over the news and shared their two cents on the star.

Additionally, Mitchell is also from New York and was a Knicks fan growing up. Donovan made the playoffs with the Jazz almost every season; however, he never made it past the second round.

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Additionally, New York fans were cheering and cheering the former star to come to the New York Knicks, who are in desperate need of a change after a disappointing outing in the 2022 season.

New York Knicks fans go crazy as Donovan Mitchell wears Cyclones jersey

Mitchell is spending his off-season in the New York area. He was the opening pitcher in a Cyclones game. Fans are taking this as a hint that the star might be coming to the Knicks. Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter.

Essentially, Utah received 5 picks for Gobert from the Timberwolves. Also, it looks like they’re looking for an insane 8 pick pick for Mitchell, which is too steep even for a star like Mitchell.

Jalen Brunson and Mitchell Robinson both received extensions and contracts from New York. Additionally, the Knicks are in a win-now situation with Julius Randle and RJ Barrett, and Derrick Rose. Also, moving for Mitchell seems like the most ideal step to take.


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Utah Jazz expecting gigantic deal for star player Donovan Mitchell

New York’s future equity draft and Immanuel Quickley and Obi Toppin will be part of any Donovan Mitchell presentation deal.


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The Knicks are expected to exclude Barrett’s talents from the deal. Utah is unwilling to accept potentially large contracts and is only looking for high draw capital like Oklahoma City and Houston Rockets.

The Jazz have reportedly signed Barrett to a max-level deal as his rookie deal nears its end. Either way, all the fans are thrilled that Donovan is interested in the Knicks.