The Topps 2022 Update Series Baseball Checklist is not a direct continuation of what began in Series 1 and 2, but it might as well be. Finally giving away some of the star rookie base cards of the season as well as post-lockdown roster moves in their new uniforms.

Hobby continues to get two configurations with standard hobby boxes offering either an autograph or keepsake card. Giant Hobby Boxes have the trifecta of an autograph, keepsake card, and crafted relic.

2022 Topps Update Series Baseball Checklist Overview

The main board with a lighthouse version is the base set. It is the foundation on which everything else is built. For Topps Baseball, there are also decades of history. Here, it’s still 330 cards. The design is the same as the previous pair of Topps Baseball sets, but it’s numbered separately, so it’s not necessarily “Series 3”, but it certainly is.

Traded veterans and rookies making their first MLB appearances in the first two months of the season make up a big part of the checklist. While there’s no checklist, it’s safe to expect Julio Rodriguez, Bobby Witt Jr., Seiya Suzuki, and Spencer Torkelson to get their first flagship base cards.

That said, some big names are unlikely to be in the set, including Adley Rutschman. Although he made his MLB debut on May 21, his Topps Now 2022 baseball card for the game bears the “Call-Up” notation and not the rookie badge. Again, while there is no checklist ahead of the release of the Topps 2022 round of updates, the “Call-Up” designation has been a clear indicator of who will be held back for the year. next. A decision largely made by the MLBPA, the 2022 deadline appears to be around May 20, as Nolan Gorman is also a “Call-Up” on his Topps Now cards.

Parallels comes in several tiers, some of which are exclusive to certain types of packs:

  • Rainbow Foil – 1:10 packs
  • Gold foil – 1:2 hobby jumbo packs
  • Gold – /2022
  • Green Leaf – /499
  • Orange leaf – /299
  • Red Board – /199
  • Vintage stock – / 99
  • Independence Day – /76
  • Black – / 71 (hobby and hobby jumbo only)
  • Powder blue father’s day – /50
  • Bright Pink Mother’s Day – /50
  • Remembrance Day camouflage – / 25
  • Printing plates – 1/1
  • Platinum – 1/1
2022 Topps Update Series Baseball Black Corey Seager

A hundred cards also have Clear versions made on acetate. Numbered up to 10, these are exclusive to regular hobby packs.


Many inserts in the Topps Update Baseball 2022 series wrap-up themes began in Series 1.

This includes a new batch of Topps Baseball cards from 1987. With the 35-year-old woodgrain design, current players create new nostalgia. Additional parallels include blue, black (/299), gold (/75), red (/10), platinum (1/1), and wood (1/1). The design is also used for autographs, including some that are on card. These have their own Black (/199), Gold (/50), Red (/10), and Platinum (1/1) parallels. Red is hobby exclusive while platinum is only in hobby and jumbo hobby.

2022 Topps Update Series Baseball 1987 Topps Autographs Juan Soto

Generation Now is adding 30 more cards to bring its annual total to 90. These are centered around young MLB players.

Diamond Greats Die-Cuts is also getting a third installment, this time an additional 25 cards to bring the insert’s main set total to 75 cards.

Until a few years ago, the Midsummer Classic was part of the basic Topps Update set. Now it’s an insert. The 2022 MLB All-Star Game cards feature 50 players from the Game of the Year that took place at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles.

New to the Topps 2022 update series, baseball is Paragons of the Postseason, highlighting past and present players and their prodigious playoff performances.

Topps Black Gold returns once again. The card maker has revamped the set of 1990s inserts in the Topps 2021 update using the original 1993 design as the base. This time it’s a new design. Although it has 1994 Topps ratings, it is not the same as 1994 Black Gold cards.

These five sets of inserts have a similar mix of parallels with blue, black (/299), gold (/75), red (/10), and platinum (1/1). Some cards for all but All-Star Game cards also have autographs numbered 10 or less.

Sketch cards, which all feature original artwork, are in the product, but only in the Hobby and Hobby Jumbo Packs.

Jumbo Boxes also come with one of 25 different Rookie Oversized Reprint Box Loaders. Some of them also have numbered autographs up to 10 and below.

2022 Topps Update Series Baseball Autographs and Memorabilia Cards

The All-Star Game features prominently in many Topps 2022 Update hits. All-Star Stitches has samples of practice jerseys worn in conjunction with the Midsummer Classic. Parallels are available in silver (/50), red (/10) and gold (1/1).

Bringing signatures into the mix are All-Star Stitches autographs (/25 or less). The red (/10) and gold (1/1) parallels expand the checklist.

All-Star Stitches Dual and Triple have multiple players. These have no more than 25 copies each. Double All-Star Stitches autographs also have a maximum of 25 copies each.

There are also All-Star Jumbo Patch cards (/5 or less) that have oversized samples. Unique Gold parallels are also randomly inserted into packs. Autographed versions have 10 or less copies with additional red (/5 or less) and gold (1/1) parallels.

Baseball Stars Autographs returns with more veterans, rookies and retired players. Apart from the base versions, these have Black (/199), Gold (/50), Red (/25), and Platinum (1/1) parallels. Double Baseball Stars autographs are rare with five or less each.

Major League materials are also back. These also have Black (/199), Gold (/50), Red (/25), and Platinum (1/1) versions. Major League Materials autographs have no more than 50 copies.

2022 Topps Update Series Baseball Major League Hardware Autographs Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Topps Reverence Autograph Patch Cards are only available in Hobby and Hobby Jumbo Packs. The basic versions have 10 copies while the Red and Platinum parallels are numbered at 5 and 1 respectively.

Unique cut signatures rank among the rarest cards in the Topps 2022 update series.

Crafted Relics

Special Event Patch Cards are relics made exclusively for hobby and retail. These have commemorative patches made to look like those worn on uniforms for games and special days. Parallels include black (/199), gold (/50), red (/10), and platinum (1/1). Autographs have 10 copies or less.

Silver Packs

The 2022 Topps Baseball Silver Pack program is ending in the Update Series. Hobby Boxes contain one bonus pack while Hobby Jumbos have two.

Inside each are exclusive 1987 Topps Baseball Chrome cards made with the Mojo design. Parallels and autographs are also randomly inserted into some packs.

Topps Update Series 2022 baseball cards at a glance:

Cards per deck: Hobby – 14, Hobby Jumbo – 46
Packs Per Box: Hobby – 24, Hobby Jumbo – 10
Boxes per case: Hobby – 12, Hobby Jumbo – 6
Game size: 330 cards
Release date (subject to change): October 12, 2022

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs or souvenir cards – 1 total
  • Rainbow Leaf – 2
  • Silver Packs – 1

What to expect in a hobby jumbo box:

  • Autographs – 1
  • Souvenir cards – 1
  • Crafted Relics – 1
  • Oversized Rookie Reprint Box Charger Cards – 1
  • Silver Packs – 2

Topps Update Series Baseball latest releases:

The complete Topps 2022 Update Series Checklist and Team Set Lists will be available as they become available, likely shortly before product release.